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Time Unbarred Founding Member Benefits

Attention: Civil and Construction Contractors:

Check out what Time Unbarred’s founding members are getting on sign-up (reproduced, word for word, omitting confidential details).

For a limited time only, you can too…




Thanks for your interest in Time Unbarred.

This is a web application accessible at: www.timeunbarred.com.

If you go through the registration process to the point where a demo code is requested, contact Daniel for a code.

This will allow you to use all parts of the system, free of charge, until 1 July 2023.


Beta product

The system has undergone extensive User Experience testing and Beta testing (for bug fixes).

Nevertheless, it is not perfect. There are two reasons:

  1. So far, use of the system in real-world situations (outside of a controlled, testing environment) has been limited.
  1. I have intentionally excluded investors and external funders from outside the construction industry to preserve the integrity of Time Unbarred as a tool created by the construction industry for the construction industry. As a result, non-critical enhancements have been deferred until such time as Time Unbarred and Dan Morris Legal can self-fund product development. For now, I would rather the system be a little bit buggy (though still usable) than hand over control of this product to the highest bidder.


What’s in it for you?

You should get at least these benefits from using Time Unbarred:

  1. automated and timely guidance through every step of time-barred contract compliance, through:
  • giving required notifications
  • updating notifications
  • making claims
  • managing claims
  • managing disputes about claims.
  1. access to me personally whenever you need help using the system or understanding what it is doing and why;
  1. influence over the future development of Time Unbarred in a way that it is tailored to your needs; and
  1. “founding member” prices – so that as our market grows and the price for new members inevitably grows with it, you keep getting access at substantially discounted prices (which we will negotiate at the end of the promo period in July).


What’s in it for me?

I need your help to:

  1. understand what does and what does not work for you and how Time Unbarred can be enhanced to meet your needs better;
  1. quantify, in dollar terms, what time and cost savings you are gaining from using Time Unbarred and how we can improve this;
  1. fund future development – be it with revenue from this system on a subscription or pay-per-use basis; other billable legal services; and/or investment in the company that owns Time Unbarred, which is solely directed by me; and
  1. promote the product within the construction industry, through, for example, published testimonials, permission to use your logo in marketing materials, permission to refer new members to you for phone references, etc.


So, at this early stage, the returns for Time Unbarred are not just about getting paid for access to the system. That is why, when the time comes, the price and pricing structure for you, as a founding member, will be negotiable.

I look forward to working together with you to ensure you get paid for your work, on time, every time.

Daniel Morris

Founder & CEO