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Time Unbarred is designed to help civil and construction contractors get paid what their work is worth

It prevents unnecessary insolvencies by ensuring you never miss a time-bar again

Daniel Morris created Time Unbarred as a way to insure the uninsurable. He did this after many wins as a specialised and multi-award-winning construction lawyer, fighting for the rights of many civil and construction contractors.

Daniel was motivated by a sense of outrage at the one fight he could not seem to win: the fight to recover and retain payments by contractors who had missed their time-barred obligations under civil and construction contracts.

These time-barred obligations apply to notifications, claims and updates. They are onerous and subject to strict time limits which, once passed, are gone for good.

Miss any one of these time-bars and:

  • you don’t get paid for varied works; plus
  • you pay liquidated damages for unavoidable delays.
Time Unbarred is the only fully automated solution to this global problem of missed time bars – the only one, anywhere, the world over.

Time Unbarred’s creator, Daniel Morris, will get you up and running on the system personally. The standard system is all you will need to substantially reduce your risk of non-compliance, but we would also be pleased to customise the Time Unbarred experience to your specific needs.

Daniel Morris, Founder and CEO of Time Unbarred

Daniel Morris

Daniel Morris has been practising law since 2003.

In 2013, Daniel graduated from the University of Melbourne’s Construction Law Masters and has been widely published in the area, including in the prestigious Australian Law Journal and the International Construction Law Review.

He has successfully conducted trials and appeals, as sole counsel, in every Western Australian Court and Tribunal, each one further positioning him as a sought-out lawyer and complex construction law consultant.