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Time Unbarred is a software solution to put an end to missed time-bars

Automated technology that prevents unnecessary insolvencies

We created Time Unbarred to put a stop to unnecessary insolvencies amongst highly skilled, civil and construction contractors.  This technology automates compliance with time-barred notification and claim processes that are almost universal across civil and construction contracts, the world over.

How it works

Time Unbarred works across your entire portfolio of civil or construction projects, across three cycles:

Cycle 1

Cycle one is triggered by an SMS, recurring every 48 hours, that invites you to tap a link to a dynamic questionnaire that generates a time-barred notification with optional claim if works on any projects have been varied or delayed in the previous 48 hours.

Cycle 2

Cycle two is triggered upon completion of cycle one, beginning with an SMS prompt to:

    • make a claim not already made, for an extension of time, contract price variation and /or prolongation costs on the back of an event notified in cycle one; and
    • update previous notifications every seven days, as almost all civil and construction contracts the world over now require.
Cycle 3

Cycle three is triggered when a claim is generated in cycle one or two, beginning with an SMS prompt to update project details within the system and to raise a notice of dispute, on the back of any decision made in relation to any claim raised using Time Unbarred.

Believe it or not, even disputes can be time-unbarred if they are not properly notified within very short time limits of their own.

Tailored to your specific needs

Time Unbarred is a customisable product, meaning that we can tailor the technology to meet the needs of your specific business. The extended features also offer a wide range of benefits.

Contract-compliant and simple to use

Software screenshots


Now you can take the pain, worry and distraction out of meeting your time-barred obligations under civil and construction contracts.

Automated 48-hourly reminders and easy-to-follow questionnaires
Helpful pop-ups and tool-tips to help guide you every step of the way
Choice of combined or separate notifications and claims
Automated 7-day reminders to update continuing delay notifications and claims
Automated 7-day reminders to make a claim based on notified delays and variations
Automated check-ins regarding claims status
Automatic updating of project details based on claims outcomes
Helpful guidance in relation to disputed claims